tod3sschu3tze's Live Show & Bootlegs Trading List
Please READ and FOLLOW my rules if you want to trade with me.
  • NO MP3 or OTHER LOSSY AUDIO FORMATS sourced shows. I only accept lossless trading formats such as FLAC, SHN and APE. I try to avoid exceptions.
  • If you contact me and I never traded with you before, then YOU MUST SEND FIRST. After receiving, I will contact you and send your package. This agreement was not my idea and I am not mistrustful but it just prevents from getting ripped-off.
  • Keep in touch during the trade. Tell me when you SEND AND RECEIVE the discs.
  • Please use high-quality CD-Rs and DVD±Rs (e.g. Fuji, Sony, TDK, Verbatim). I do the same (Verbatim for DVDs and Sony for CDs). I do not accept discounter blanks!
  • Use only the DAO (disc at once) option when burning live recordings to CD-R so that there are no interruptions between the songs.
  • Do not put any tape on the discs, do not write on them and use appropriate packaging. Do not send the CDs in the jewel cases. You save postage fees like that. Use paper sleeves (ONE disc per sleve!) and pack them well. I am really tired of getting scratched discs and asking for replacement.
  • Test the discs before sending, this can avoid many trouble! If discs turn out to be not entirely readable, I will request new ones. If the discs you send contain any skips or glitches you are aware of, please tell me IN ADVANCE!
  • General trading ratio is: 3:1 (DVD:CD), 1:1 (CD:CD), 1:1 (DVD:DVD)
  • I will only trade with serious people. No ripp-offs!

NOTE: My MiniDisc masters are recorded analog with line-in (1st generation). To maintain quality i will duplicate with optical cable (Sony MDS-JE520 optical-out > Sony MZ-R70 optical-in). Sony uses a "Serial Copy Management System" which makes it impossible to copy your MiniDisc (2nd generation) with optical cable again. Please be aware of that!

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